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King Salmon on lightweight tackle!
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Big fish in Buitreras
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Seatrout mania in South Argentina
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Cuba tarpon
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Fund Rasing Auction for the Sea Trout in the river Em

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LOCATION X tries out the soon to come Epic series rods!
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Efftex fair Prague 2007
Following a year of hard work, with both development of new products and organisation it is with great satisfaction we leave Prague with three awards.


•    Best rod (Loop-Zpey)

•    Best stand over 30m2
•    Best press release

The award for best rod is extra rewarding as the collaboration with Arne Evensen and Norwegian company Zpey - - resulted in ”Best rod – all categories”. As of this we would like to thank all of you who voted for us.


The attention we have got from shops and wholesalers shows that Loop in no way will step down from pole position. On the contrary, the Efftex fair in Prague have spurred us to work even harder.

Not only with development and production of innovative fly fishing products but also with the aim to raise the status of fly fishing and the interest of it. We at Loop aim to not only sell a rod or a reel rather we want to sell an experience, an adventure.

In fly-fishing there are many more dimensions than just the happiness of having caught a fish, unique beautiful nature, camaraderie and expectations to name a few. If we succeed in conveying what fly-fishing is really about, its soul, more people would fly fish, which will in turn lead to a greater wellbeing. As the old saying goes ”…together we stand” we urge everyone that are in some way connected with sport fishing to join in this philosophy and together work towards a better fishing and a greater wellbeing.


Lastly we would, once again, like to thank all of you who visited our stand at the Efftex fair as well as everyone that believes in what we do and voted for us.

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